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Steal My Content Brief Template - GPT for Sheets - Ready To Use

Content Briefings are the best way to create qualitative content that ranks high on Google. If you build a sharp and strong content brief, the copywriter will be able to focus on creating a fantastic piece of work. The chances of scoring a top organic ranking with this method is x10 higher than if you start writing without a plan.

I sprinkled some AI GPT on a regular briefing template and BAM! In 5 mins you can create a high-quality content briefing.

(Well, one of the ways). With my Content Brief Generator you can easily build a detailed content brief within minutes. You only need a few free tools a focus keywords and a competitor.

Create Your Own GPT Content Brief Assistant with Google Sheets

You will only need to install GPT for Sheets and a few SEO Tools (more info below). The briefing template is using curated GPT SEO Prompts that you can modify and improve.

  1. Install GPT for Sheets.
  2. Get your core keyword, supportive keyword and one competitor link.
  3. Get the core keywords from SE Ranking.
  4. Get long-tail keywords from AnswerThePublic.
  5. Run all the GPT Prompts in the template (19 SEO Prompts).
  6. Get your content briefing in any format (PDF, Word, etc).

How to write a content brief

  1. Identify your Primary keywords and its intent
  2. Get the Long tail terms
  3. Find Longtail keywords - Questions (How, What, When...)
  4. Find Longtail keywords - Prepositions (Near, For, With, Or, To...)
  5. Get the most relevant (Try Alphabeticals and Most related)
  6. Audience definition
  7. Draft SEO title suggestions
  8. Draft SEO description suggestions
  9. Draft H1 suggestions
  10. Draft Sub title suggestions
  11. Get a clear Outline
  12. Find relevant FAQs (including answers)
  13. Give an Article Length recommendation

Quite come steps uh?! Well, good news is that my Content Briefing Template does this in 5 mins or even faster.

Content Brief Example with Sheets + GPT

You can build your briefing easily following the instructions in the Video I included. There I show an example of a briefing that I will actually use to improve my own page Jairo Guerrero SEO Consultant. Follow the steps in the video and create easily your own content brief. The template is in Google Sheets but once you are done you can download your content brief pdf or content brief word files.

Content Briefing Tools You Need

Tools you need (link directly to each):

ATTENTION: You will need to setup a Google Sheets add-on first on your own Open AI (GPT) account:

Once you have set it up you can start grabbing some data to give it to the AI. She will build your content brief in no time.

Content Brief Template Free Download

This AI Content Brief Template is FREE. But any amount will be much appreciated! Lifetime access. I will keep improving the template so stay tuned. Follow me on my SEO Gumroad homepage, on my all around SEO-Blog and on my LinkedIn page.

Give me a follow here so I can keep creating content:

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You will get the template and a video tutorial of how to use it. You can add up the data straight away. Make it yours!


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GPT for Sheets - SEO Use Case - Content Briefing Template

10 ratings
I want this!